Association Council

The Association Council of Western Association shall administer the affairs of the Association between meeting of the Association and shall be the trustee of all Association assets.

Committee Members
Moderator, Rev. Carole Hoke
Vice Moderator, Carol Miller
Secretary, Judie Foust

Vacant, ’14
Rev. Robert Sherman, ’15

Heart of Illinois
Ruby Mayoh, ’14
Rev. Jeff Johnston, ’15

Lincoln Heritage
Rev. Lynn Bohlman, ’14
Mary Alice Suter, ’15

Spoon River
Mr. Nels Henry, ’14
Rev. Paul Kirker, ’15

Mr. Mike Edwards, ’14
Rev. Keela Neumann, ’15

Youth At-Large
Vacant, ’14
Vacant, ’15

Conference Staff Consulting
Associate Conference Minister Rev. Kathy Lawes