Church and Ministry

The Church and Ministry Committee of Western Association, in accordance with the provisions and Bylaws, shall be responsible for granting, reviewing, transferring and terminating the standing of churches, ordained, licensed and commissioned ministers of the association.

Committee Members

Mary Newcomb, ’20 *
Rev. Bruce Bergthold, ’19 

Heart of Illinois
Rev. Dwight Borden, ’18
Melissa Pletkovich, ’20

Lincoln Heritage
Rev. Dan Dexter, ’18
Sandy Meinershagen, ’19

Julie Glover, ’18
Rev. Mark Binder, ’20

Spoon River
Rev. Jon Prain, ’18
Virginia Vasen, ’19

Rev. Robert Sherman, ’19 *
Rev. Tim White, ’20



Conference Staff Consulting

Associate Conference Ministers, Rev. Kathy Lawes and Rev. Tom Norwalk