Letter from Acting Conference Minister

Grace and peace to you all!

On May 1, I had the pleasure of beginning to serve you, the Illinois Conference, as the “Acting Conference Minister,” following the retirement of the Rev. Dr. Jorge Morales. As the Acting Conference Minister, I will serve temporarily while the Executive Committee moves to seek a longer-term Intentional Interim Conference Minister.

I am delighted to be present. I had retired this past year and moved to Tennessee, following 35 years specializing in interim ministry in local churches and conference settings. This included serving as interim conference minister or interim associate conference minister in 8 different settings (Northern California Nevada, Hawaii, Pacific Northwest, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri Mid-South, Penn Central and Penn West Conferences). Since a few of you may recognize my name, I did serve as the Interim Conference Minister here, about 18 years ago.

Two things I have learned: there is no one way to be or function as a Conference; and each Conference is unique because of its history, geography, vision, various dynamics, and the people. Of course, these two things are true for local churches, also.

Leadership transitions can sometimes be unsettling, sometimes challenging, yet because of our faith are always filled with hope and possibility. You have been blessed with a wonderful staff and are involved in many vital ministries serving the children of God!

I look forward to my time with you and look forward to seeing many of you at the Conference Annual Celebration, which is only a few weeks away!

Char Burch