Letter from Conference Minister

July 27, 2020

Friends of the Illinois Conference,

As I sit down to write a few lines to you today, I set aside the packing tape and cardboard that is keeping me busy this last week in Nashville. On Thursday, I plan to head out of town, leaving friends and colleagues that I have grown to love over the last year as I have served as Interim Minister at Eastwood Christian Church in Nashville.

My 19-year-old daughter, Sierra, my 12-year-old miniature poodle, Charlotte, and I will make the trek together. My husband, Michael and our son Adam will remain in Oregon for a few more months as they prepare our house to sell and take care of Adam’s last semester of high school. We are VERY much looking forward to living in one place together again.

Until my family reunites, Sierra and I will be living in Malta in the apartment that used to be the parsonage at Malta Congregational Church. This building housed one of our congregations that ended its public ministry early in 2019. The property currently belongs to the Illinois Conference and I am grateful to be able to make it my temporary home. I am not sure where in the Conference my family will finally settle – but I am looking forward to starting off west of DeKalb in the Prairie Association.

Over the next several weeks, I will be busy getting to know the Conference staff, key leaders and exploring some of the challenges that the Conference is facing. Honoring the fact that I am relocating from a coronavirus hotspot, I will quarantine myself as much as possible for the first two weeks I am in the area. I will be available via ZOOM, phone and e-mail (ilconfmolly@gmail.com) as I settle into my new home and my new role while managing the limitations of the pandemic.

I have recorded a brief welcome message that you are all welcome to use with your congregations in virtual or in-person gatherings. I wish I could make myself arrive in person to each of our churches – but I hope this is a next best option.

I look forward to our journey together through the years ahead.

Conference Minister