Our Association

The Western Association is located in the lower portion of the conference, on the western side of the state. Its 25 congregations gather people to worship from the state capital of Springfield to the Quad City town of Moline, from prairie to river, farm to metropolis. With the challenges of the life of rural communities and the struggles of Illinois state government in both its front and back yards, Western Association congregations bring a presence of justice and compassion where it is often needed most.

Mission Statement

As people of faith in covenant with God and one another,

Grateful for our Christian heritage, the traditions which have formed us,

And the spirit which united us,

We, the individuals and congregations of the Western Association,

Believe ourselves to be called into mission.

We are called to Witness the grace of God with Encouragement,

Assistance and Resourcing to local congregations.

To accomplish this mission, we will work through our local churches, the Illinois Conference, the United Church of Christ and ecumenical and global partners.  May we, by the grace and will of God, hold fast to this mission in Christ’s church.

Adopted January 24, 2004